Your Custom Beauty

Step 1.
Consultation and Coffee Chat: We want to get to know you! What's your favorite hobby? Where do you come from? What things do you love most in life? We get personal. With getting to know you, we will determine together your dream hat and make it come to life. Down to the littlest feather details that you fall in love with. A hat shows your personality and true style- we want to make your unique soul stand out in the crowd! And if you come knowing exactly what you envision- wonderful! I will bring it to life.
Specific details we cover while designing your custom:
- The material 
- The color
- The sizing
- The interior
- The shape + brim width
- The accessories
Step 2.
Get to Building: The switches are turned on & tools are set out while I get down to business. You will hear from me along the way and get to see your newest addition come to life! Throughout the process, f there is something you decide to change we can do so as I will send you email or text updates along the way.
Step 3.
Final Consult: Once the hat has been completed, we can have a look at it together and go over the final product. We want to send you your dream product that embellishes your true person and style. When you are over the moon about it- we will ship it to your doorstep in the snap of a finger!
Step 4.
Celebrate: We can't wait to see you out on the town, the flower fields, the wineries, the concerts, the weddings, the celebrations, the ski resort parking lots, the coffee shops all while wearing your Björkstam. We love seeing your photos and featuring you when you tag us! 
Cheers to you & cheers to this adventure called life... may as well style it well.